Cinderella bought her shoes at D’Arielle Shoes

One of my most favourite photoshoots last year by far was doing product photography shoot for a new up and coming online wedding shoe shop, for more images, please feel free to have a look at their amazing online shoe store here D’Arielle Shoes


Bridal Shoe
White Bridal Shoe

I have learnt valuable lessons with regards to placing the product in exactly the same setup position each time for continuous flow on an e-commerce site. You definitely learn something new from your clients with every new shoot.

It gives me great pleasure to work with fashion industry professionals that are focused.


Resizing Image Issues

Have you ever faced the predicament of having to resize images and do not know where to begin?

There is always a debate between the people that actually print images and designers or photographers.

Pixel quality is always a really good question that we have to face and when you initially get introduced to website design, you are unaware of some of the pitfalls that you might face when having to upload files or download images with huge pixel counts.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what would I like to do with my image?

I have worked out a good idea of how pixels work.

To answer your question, there might be a few options:

If you are going to print onto an A4 paper, then then you look at the size of an A4 page. The width is normally two-hundred-and-ten centimeters and if you would like to transform it into pixels, then you need to convert that to inches, so basically you are going to take 210 and divide it by 25.4 in order to get that size of 8.26772 inches, because you have 25.4 mm in 1 “. Now, for printing, you need 300 pixels per inch or otherwise known as dots per inch (dpi), so you take 300 dpi x 8.268″ = 2480 pixels wide

To calculate the height of the A4 High Res Print image, you take 300 dpi x (297 mm / 24.5mm/”) =  3507 pixels high

So, to get a really good quality A4 print image, you would need an image of round about 2500 wide x 3500 high.

The size of an image of that size could work out to be round about eight to ten Megapixels, so a 10.2 Megapixel camera should be adequate to do that job.

If you are going to use if for internet marketing, then you don’t need so many dots per inch anymore and you could get away with around 80 dpi, this reduces the file size dramatically. You would probably look at less than 2 Megapixels.

I have found that website developers use dramatically reduced sized images to increase the speed on their web pages, and from what I know is that the new imaging software programs that you get are very good with reducing images and yet retain the quality.

Really tiny squares of 100 x 100 pixels are very minute in file size, you are probably look at about 10 to 50 kb.

Then you also might want to print huge images onto posters or bill boards, but it depends once again on the printer and what kind of settings he might require. They could even go down to 20 dpi, depending on the requirement.

Please give us a shout if you have any questions and I will try and answer it to the best of my ability.

Lion of the tribe in transit

Encamped lion longing for more space to be free, prior to move

On a recent photo walk with Jo’burg Photowalkers we were blessed to come close to these amazing creatures created by an Intelligent Designer… Lions, the kings of the jungle – photos taken during a Sunset visit to Jugomaro. They are a wonderful crowd of people who enjoy looking after our creation and I take my hat off to them for the work that they are doing to try and conserve our heritage. These lions were stationed at this site in the interim before being moved to a bigger and better place.

Entering Fashion Photography

We had loads of fun with the buzzwords for the day being “Glamourous Paris Mom”

I did this shoot for Tania Sutherland. What I love about Tania is the fact that she is an entrepeneur in South Africa.

Tania Sutherland runs KEY 2 SUCCESS networking clubs in Roodepoort and the East Rand.

Tania Sutherland is a Fashion Designer and Image / Confidence Consultant, (author of Self-Confidence to Reach Success). She offers professional style / image make overs and talks on image & confidence and has an online clothing range – which includes maternity wear & stylish wear that fuller figure ladies can wear with confidence.

I appreciate being around professional people like Tania Sutherland that knows what she wants out of a photo shoot. She is familiar with the designing and making of haute couture clothing – one of my dreams would be to get involved in something like that one day, especially after I remember hearing a talk the other day by fashion photographer guru Clinton Lubbe at a Roadshow.


Product Photography is my passion

I became passionate about photographing products after seeing website after website with poor images on it.

My love language is looking at beautiful things. So, when I see a webpage with ugly images, it saddens me.

I am interested in taking better quality images for your website.

I have a studio at home equipped with flash lights that would be able to create the best lighting in which to photograph your products.
If need be, I could possibly pack it all in and do an onsite photo shoot.

I have a couple of different lenses, including macro, to produce really sharp and detailed images.

Image of a connector showing highly complex details.


Short and sweet – iT

Derived from Margher’it’a, founder of IT Photo South Africa. Photographer with an Italian heritage, living in South Africa.

iT was Eternelini before it became iT.

iT is the suffix for italy. Italian websites end in iT.

Get iT – photographs of he, she or it.