Lion of the tribe in transit

Encamped lion longing for more space to be free, prior to move

On a recent photo walk with Jo’burg Photowalkers we were blessed to come close to these amazing creatures created by an Intelligent Designer… Lions, the kings of the jungle – photos taken during a Sunset visit to Jugomaro. They are a wonderful crowd of people who enjoy looking after our creation and I take my hat off to them for the work that they are doing to try and conserve our heritage. These lions were stationed at this site in the interim before being moved to a bigger and better place.

Entering Fashion Photography

We had loads of fun with the buzzwords for the day being “Glamourous Paris Mom”

I did this shoot for Tania Sutherland. What I love about Tania is the fact that she is an entrepeneur in South Africa.

Tania Sutherland runs KEY 2 SUCCESS networking clubs in Roodepoort and the East Rand.

Tania Sutherland is a Fashion Designer and Image / Confidence Consultant, (author of Self-Confidence to Reach Success). She offers professional style / image make overs and talks on image & confidence and has an online clothing range – which includes maternity wear & stylish wear that fuller figure ladies can wear with confidence.

I appreciate being around professional people like Tania Sutherland that knows what she wants out of a photo shoot. She is familiar with the designing and making of haute couture clothing – one of my dreams would be to get involved in something like that one day, especially after I remember hearing a talk the other day by fashion photographer guru Clinton Lubbe at a Roadshow.


Product Photography is my passion

I became passionate about photographing products after seeing website after website with poor images on it.

My love language is looking at beautiful things. So, when I see a webpage with ugly images, it saddens me.

I am interested in taking better quality images for your website.

I have a studio at home equipped with flash lights that would be able to create the best lighting in which to photograph your products.
If need be, I could possibly pack it all in and do an onsite photo shoot.

I have a couple of different lenses, including macro, to produce really sharp and detailed images.

Image of a connector showing highly complex details.