Product Photography is my passion

I became passionate about photographing products after seeing website after website with poor images on it.

My love language is looking at beautiful things. So, when I see a webpage with ugly images, it saddens me.

I am interested in taking better quality images for your website.

I have a studio at home equipped with flash lights that would be able to create the best lighting in which to photograph your products.
If need be, I could possibly pack it all in and do an onsite photo shoot.

I have a couple of different lenses, including macro, to produce really sharp and detailed images.

Image of a connector showing highly complex details.


Catalyst (a person that triggers an event) = Passionate about Innovation Passion Are you looking for a change in the way your images are taken? Out-of-the-box, in fact, we have no box. Social media these days need something to energize their world. Energizing Enthusiastic Creative I am an enthusiastic creative person that is passionate about energizing social media platforms with images cunningly thought out to trigger the consumer into purchasing a product online. With a background of Inventing new products by trade, I know the value of having the ability to produce an image that has the ability to communicate your ideas to consumers before they are even realized. After investigating different genres of photography, the realization set in that the role light plays in the creative process is what sets a great product apart from just the normal thing. Light and colour play a huge role in the final image, regardless of what the subject may be.

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