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We had loads of fun with the buzzwords for the day being “Glamourous Paris Mom”

I did this shoot for Tania Sutherland. What I love about Tania is the fact that she is an entrepeneur in South Africa.

Tania Sutherland runs KEY 2 SUCCESS networking clubs in Roodepoort and the East Rand.

Tania Sutherland is a Fashion Designer and Image / Confidence Consultant, (author of Self-Confidence to Reach Success). She offers professional style / image make overs and talks on image & confidence and has an online clothing range – which includes maternity wear & stylish wear that fuller figure ladies can wear with confidence.

I appreciate being around professional people like Tania Sutherland that knows what she wants out of a photo shoot. She is familiar with the designing and making of haute couture clothing – one of my dreams would be to get involved in something like that one day, especially after I remember hearing a talk the other day by fashion photographer guru Clinton Lubbe at a Roadshow.



Catalyst (a person that triggers an event) = Passionate about Innovation Passion Are you looking for a change in the way your images are taken? Out-of-the-box, in fact, we have no box. Social media these days need something to energize their world. Energizing Enthusiastic Creative I am an enthusiastic creative person that is passionate about energizing social media platforms with images cunningly thought out to trigger the consumer into purchasing a product online. With a background of Inventing new products by trade, I know the value of having the ability to produce an image that has the ability to communicate your ideas to consumers before they are even realized. After investigating different genres of photography, the realization set in that the role light plays in the creative process is what sets a great product apart from just the normal thing. Light and colour play a huge role in the final image, regardless of what the subject may be.

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  1. thank you for the wonderful compliments, but it all comes with many years of experience, and thank you for your wonderful photographs.

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